lobex15 1200x1200There is a hidden social pattern embedded within all organizations that maintains the status quo. This is a dynamic between the allies (Masters) and opponents (Players) to change. Under normal circumstances in the overwhelming majority of cases the opponents prevail over the allies.

This then leads to an organizational structure that is characterized by cronyism at the top (the Circle) a dogmatic, bureaucratic middle management (the Square), which combine to generate a cult-like atmosphere throughout the organization; one that rewards obedience and penalizes initiative.

Specifically, the process involves the following steps:

  1. Social Intelligence Course- The overarching objective is to look for ways in which the individual interactions within the group, in relation to the three social orientations, and the work of the group as a whole can be optimized concerning cooperation and creativity.

  2. Diagnosis With the aid of a simple diagnostic, we shall identify the hidden assets (Masters and Free Thinkers) within the company.

  3. Think-Tanks In randomly selected functional areas throughout the company micro- think-tanks of Masters and Free Thinkers are organized.

  4.   These Think-tanks will generate practical, immediately actionable projects that can be put into place.

Monitoring As the projects are being implemented careful attention is being paid to the specific ways in which those within the host group adapt to the changes.

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The Enlightened Organization

Since the dawn of civilization, organizations have been governed by what we can refer to as the Control-Pressure Paradigm. Our contention is that there is a hidden social pattern embedded within all organizations that maintains the status quo. One of the quickest and easiest ways to add value to any organization, without causing major disruption and spreading terror, is to neutralize this barrier. The end result is a transformation that will cause a minimum of disruption to the normal day to day running of the organization while effecting a change that is both rapid and sustainable... Read More


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