lobex8 1200Transformation of any kind is made ineffective because of the inability of the organization and its leaders to recognize and overcome both the natural resistance to change and the latent political minefields often present in organizations.  These political structures are often masked and obscure and are thus difficult to identify and overcome.  In order to exploit the power of Lean fully these organizational power structures must be identified and surmounted.

The CSP has a remarkable capability to formulate a cultural shift that ensures that intelligent transformation not only occurs, but sticks. The development of the Master culture in the modern business environment gives the rejuvenated organization an immediate advantage over its competition in terms of speed of decision-making, flexibility, resourcefulness, and innovativeness.

The working environment within the newly rejuvenated organization would now act as a magnet for talent within the industry, drawing it away from competitors still operating under the oppressive pressure created by the classical hierarchical command control structure found throughout.

Business suport

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The Enlightened Organization

Since the dawn of civilization, organizations have been governed by what we can refer to as the Control-Pressure Paradigm. Our contention is that there is a hidden social pattern embedded within all organizations that maintains the status quo. One of the quickest and easiest ways to add value to any organization, without causing major disruption and spreading terror, is to neutralize this barrier. The end result is a transformation that will cause a minimum of disruption to the normal day to day running of the organization while effecting a change that is both rapid and sustainable... Read More


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